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America Knits Audiobook

Melanie Falick celebrates artisans from all over the world of knitting in these thirty-eight illuminating interviews with America s leading spinners, weavers and knitters. Meet the fascinating people behind the knitting scene: shepherds caring for rare breeds, a plant biologist developing a strain of naturally colored cotton, the hand spinners and hand dyers who produce gorgeous skeins of yarn which are works of art in them selves and the creative knitting designers, all of whom have changed our knitting lives and made knitting the important, magical craft it is.

Melanie Falick interviews Kathryn Alexander, Pam Allen, Big Sky Fiber, Katy Blanchard, Beth Brown-Reinsel, Doris Brunton, Nancy Bush, Katharine Cobey, Judy Dercum, Valentina Devine, Nicky Epstein, Kerry Ferguson, Sue Flanders, Sally Fox, Norah Gaughn, Molly Geissman, Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, Julie Hoff, La Lana Wools, Selma Miriam, Morehouse Farm, Deborah Newton, Northwest Alpacas Ranch, Kristin Nicholas, Lisa Parks, Louise Parsons, Mary Walker Phillips, Linda Romens, Michele Rose, Karen Searle, Meg Swansen, Sarah Swett, Yvonne Uhlianuk, Lisbeth Upitis, Lynne Vogel and Barbara Walker.