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LYKKE Cypra Copper Knitting Needles are absolutely stunning!
Copper has natural antimicrobial characteristics, with ancient civilizations using these properties long before microbes became known and understood. Copper is also believed to help with headaches, arthritis, and joint pain when the metal is against the skin. Think copper bracelets and jewelry. 

The needles are untreated to preserve the beneficial properties of the metal. It also means that the needles develop a beautiful patina of iridescent oranges, purples, and greens. I'm sure you're going to love the natural patina; however, if you prefer a more pristine look, then the finish can be restored with a polish. Care instructions are included in the sets. The sets are available in both the 9cm (3.5") and 13cm (5") needles and are displayed in brown and black vegan suede cases. As you would expect from LYKKE, they look and feel luxuriant.


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Lykke Cypra 3.5" Interchangable Copper Knitting Needle Set



Lykke Cypra 5" Interchangable Copper Knitting Needle Set

$140.00 $150.00