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Woolpets Felting Needles

Size: 38GA - General purpose

Price:  $ 10.00 
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Size: 40GA - Fine

Price:  $ 10.00 
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5 pack

The 38 gauge triangular felting-needle is a great general-purpose needle. It works great for bulk work and attaching pieces together. These needles will fit all needle holders and punches. This is the same felting-needle included in all of our felting kits.

The 40 gauge triangular blade is a thinner and finer needle. These are a good needle to use when working on the surface of a felting project. Leaves a smaller exit hole than the thicker needles. These needles will fit all needle holders and punches. Nickel plated.

TIP: Paint the end of the needle with fingernail polish, craft paint or wrap with a small, colored rubber band to be able to tell them apart from other size needles.

Replacement felting needles in four different varieties. All needles come in 5 packs and will fit standard felting needle holders, handles., and punches.

38 GA Triangular General Purpose- these are the needles included in Woolpets felting kits.

40 GA Triangular Fine - a good needle for surface felting and finish work where you would not want to have holes.