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New Fall Yarns and More!

-Your local yarn shop at the beach!

Fall is here and we have so many new items in the shop it's hard to keep up!  You know we love Blue Sky Fibers so let's start there!

Two new Woolstok bundles have arrived at the shop.  Fall Festival and 27 Color Bundles.  Sue made leaves hanging in the front window with Fall Festival.  They are so cute and very addictive to make.

We have plenty of Fall Festival and 27 Color Bundles in stock!

Find these complementary 
patterns from Blue Sky Fibers
on Ravelry and other bundle
patterns too!

Woolstok Tweed

Oh so fabulous Woolstok Tweed is soft, lofty and rustic in character, this four-ply Aran weight is ideal for a variety of garments and accessories. These earthy colors with neutral flecks of Donegal tweed are available in generous 100g hanks.

Check out the Woolstok Tweed pattern collection here!  What will you make first?

Laines DuNord is back with four new yarns!  
Watercolor Sock

“Watercolors” are blended to mimic an artist’s palette on canvas in this perfectly composed yarn made of 100% mulesing-free & chlorine-free wool. Made in compliance with environmental protection standards, and put up on a unique cone which is also ideal for weaving in addition to knit & crochet!

Available in 6 watercolors!

458 Yards, 100g
75% Wool, 25% Nylon
Made in Italy

Paint Sock

The “painted” effect of this unique mulesing-free & chlorine-free wool yarn is designed to allow for the creation of an identical pair of socks. The perfect harmony of colors within each skein makes it suitable for rainbow-like scarves, shawls and other fashionable accessories as well.

Available in 8 colors!

459 Yards, 100g
75% Wool, 25% Nylon
Made in Italy

Poema and Poema Nuance


The multicolors of this DK, single ply, 100% mulesing-free merino wool combine in a perfect sequence to produce a gradual degrade or ombre effect. The delicate shading makes it ideal for soft autumn and winter knitting. Using just one 656 yard ball, an entire shawl or oversized scarf can be created.

Poema Nuance

The breathtakingly “nuanced” color patterning of this mulesing-free merino wool is designed to create the ideal ombre or degrade effect. The intriguing pattern created by the delicately sophisticated plays of color is surprising and subtle, making it perfect for stylish shawls, scarves and other accessories.

DK weight, Single ply
Made in Italy

654 yards

First up is Haunui Silk

Haunui Silk, (pronounced Hoo-noo-ee and translated as “place of the winds”) is a natural blend of raw mulberry silk and unique mixed-breed Haunui merino wool from the Taranui farm in New Zealand. This yarn has a slight thick and thin quality to the single ply. True wool lovers will cherish this limited-quality, slightly rustic, un-dyed yarn. No two sheep are exactly the same color, but their fleece fall into color categories, and are blended to create rich shades of oatmeal, brown, gray, and black. User friendly heavy worsted-weight gauge. Great for hard wearing (outerwear) garments with a touch of luxury.  361 yards/150g

Next is Malvinas

Malvinas is a pure blend of 100% merino wool from La Islas Malvinas in the Falkland islands off the coast of Argentina. Workhorse yarn with special emphasis on colorwork projects, (slip stitch mosaic, fair isle, striping) due to vibrant semi-solid colors designed to be the same gauge as other popular worsted weight Noro yarns such as Kureyon, Ito, Viola, & Silk Garden. Many of the colors were selected from popular Noro multi colors so that they will coordinate perfectly! Combine your favorite color of one of these popular yarns with Malvinas, to make very interesting pieces -- the possibilities are literally endless!   328 yards/150g

All 14 colors in stock!

Just arrived from CocoKnits is the Sweater Care Collection.  Customize your own kit for sweater care, blocking, and fine fiber care. Tools from this collection, like the Super-Absorbent TowelSweater Care Brush, and Washing Bags, will help protect your knits and keep them looking great for years to come.

We also have received a full restock of your favorite CocoKnits Stitch markers and notions!

If you are still hanging in there with me, you'll be glad!  We are expecting the Twelve Days of MadelineTosh advent kits soon.  We have opened preorders.  When the kits are gone, they are gone. 


Don't forget to check out the sale pages.  We've added several yarns to make room for all the new yarns arriving.

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Happy fall and happy knitting!

Sherry, Laurie, Pam & Nancy


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