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We are in this together!

Your local yarn shop at the beach!

We are in this together!

Like you we are monitoring the latest news about the coronavirus and Covid-19.  We're doing all we can to make sure we are open and able to help you with all yarn emergencies.  ( know it's a real thing!).  

This virus is real.  It's not scary to some and is terrifying to others.  Whether you think it's blown out of proportion or not, the virus is spreading and we are all in this together.  

**We ask that if you are not feeling well or have knowingly been exposed to this OR ANY OTHER virus, PLEASE stay home.

**We are more than happy to bring an order out to your car if you purchase online or complete a phone purchase.  Just ask!

**We are offering Free Domestic Shipping through April.  If you are local to us, we are also offering free limited delivery.

**In addition to our regular daily cleaning, EXTRA cleaning is being done on common surfaces such as:  door handles (both inside and outside), countertops, pin pad, etc.

**You already know the regular hygiene stuff so I won't repeat that.

**Consider taking an extra bag of food to your local food pantry, as a lot of children and adults dealing with food insecurity will be needing our help even more.  Also consider going by your favorite restaurant, salon, any small business, and purchasing a gift certificate to use when this passes.  They'll need our help.  We are in this together!

**As of now, we do not have plans to close our social groups.  That may change and we will notify you.

Yarn is supposed to ease our anxieties and make us happy.
Let's keep it that way!

Stay safe, stay healthy,

Sherry, Laurie, Nancy and Amy

Your local yarn shop at the beach!

225 N. Hemlock Street
PO Box 168
Cannon Beach, OR 97110

(503) 436-1128