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Blue Moon Fiber Arts La Luna Lace

What could possible make an ultra fine and soft 19.5 micron merino any better? I know. How a bout a little Mulberry Silk?! 15% to be exact.

La Luna is such a lovely blend of these two fiber super stars, with just enough silk to support up the fineness of the Merino while adding in give it a little tensile strength and durability.

Oh, and let’s not forget the sheen that silk brings with it.

La Luna loves the dye!!!

We love this blend so very much that we are bringing in three different weights:

  • La Luna Lace
  • La Luna Fingering
  • La Luna DK

La Luna Lace is a 2-ply and La Luna Fingering is a 3-ply, both of these beauties have a firm ply on them. So they are a little heavier than your traditional lace and fingering weights but not by much as you can see by the gauge. La Luna DK is a 2-ply and a true DK weight.