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Blue Moon Fiber Arts Blueface Leicester and Tussah Roving

Color: Atlantis

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Color: Rainbow Speckled LOVE

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Color: Forget Me Not Blue

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Bluefaced Leicester / Tussah Silk Roving
Content: 75% Bluefaced Leicester/ 25% Tussah Silk
Weight: 8oz. / 226g

Bluefaced Leicester is classified as a Longwool breed with a staple length range of 3-6 inches/80-150mm and a fiber diameter of 56s-60s count (28u-24u), which are the fiber numbers you need to spin a high luster yarn with lovely drapes. So now add in a bit of Tussah Silk and you get this wonderful blend, a roving and then yarn with a lovely hand, more luster, a little extra strength and lastly a great spin and knit time.