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Lykke Interchangeable Grove 3.5 Inch Knitting Needles

Style: Green Basketweave

Price:  $ 90.00 
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Style: Beige Jute Canvas

Price:  $ 90.00 
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Grove needles are bamboo knitting needles reimagined. The raw bamboo is treated with LYKKE's proprietary process which enriches the bamboo to strengthen and smooth it, as well as add a touch of green that evokes the feeling of bamboo just cut from a grove. This is accentuated with tasteful green caps with laser engraved needle sizes. Knitting with LYKKE's Grove needles will surely help you make happy! They are available in two gift sets - a natural beige jute canvas that has a very subtle and tasteful tweed effect, and a chartreuse green textured basketweave effect that is eye catching & fun.

Each 3.5" set includes:
Needle Case
Nine 3.5" Tips sizes US3 (3.25mm) through US 10.5 (6.5mm)
Four Cords: 2 cords for 16" length, 1 cord for 20" length, 1 cord for 24" length 
2 cord connectors
4 Keys
8 Cord Stoppers

Lykke Grove