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Lykke Crochet Hook Set


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Lykke Driftwood Crochet Hook Set

"Make happy." 

Lykke, pronounced ‘lee-kuh,’ is the Norwegian word for ‘happiness.’ And crocheting with these gorgeous hooks make us very happy indeed.

Lykke Crafts’ Driftwood crochet hooks are made from solid birch—no composite or laminate wood. They are light and smooth, yet sturdy—ensuring that crocheting is near effortless. With a silvery, elegant appearance, these hooks are absolutely lovely in form and function.

This set contains ten 6” hooks—sizes are US E-4, US F-5, US G-6, US 7, US H-8, US I-9, US J-10, US K-10 ½, US L-11, and US M-13. They are stored in a waxed grey denim case with a built-in stand and a convenient inner storage pocket.