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Himalaya Socks (Size L/XL)


Himalaya Socks (Size S/M)


Lykke Crochet Hook Set


Lykke Double Point Set


Lykke Interchangeable Short Set


Lykke Single Point Set


The Girls Socks


Wacky Woolies Hairbrush


Wacky Woolies Spoon Rest


Knitterella Gift Tags


Ewe's Not Fat Ewe's Fluffy Card


Hiya Hiya Sheep Needle Gauge


Cuts of Lamb Cotton Tote


Black Sheep Gel Pen


Black Sheep Key Ring


Irish Sheep


Cherry Burl Drop Spindle


Brittany Shawl Pin


Butterfly Shawl Stick


Gita Maria Sock Pin


Exotic Shawl Stick


Finial Shawl Stick


Inlaid Shell Double Shawl Stick


Inlaid Shell Shawl Stick


Jul Shawl Stick


Horn Filigree Stick


Globe Top Shawl Stick


Kilt Pins

$22.00 - $24.00

Inlaid Shell Shawl Pin


Jul Shawl Pins


Jul Brooch


Crochet Key Ring

$5.00 - $9.99

Embroidered Acessory Bag


Solmates Kaleidoscope Mismatched Scarf


Knitterella Cards


Felt Owl Ornaments


Nirvana Acrylic Sheep Box


Nickel Double Kilt Pin


Addi Click Interchangeable Set


Knitter's Pride Karbonz DPN Set


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