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Cocoknits is based in Oakland, California. They are a small team of women who love to make things and love supporting other creative people and businesses. They believe all Makers should have beautiful, high-quality, tools to use in their craft.
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Cocoknits Precious Metal Stitch Markers


CocoKnits Colored Opening Stitch Markers


Cocoknits Colored Ring Stitch Markers


CocoKnits Bamboo Cable Needles


CocoKnits Stitch Fixer


CocoKnits Stitch Stoppers


CocoKnits Yarn Snips


CocoKnits Row Counter


CocoKnits Natural Mesh Bag


CocoKnits Check Your Gauge Cloth


Cocoknits Knitter's Block Kit


CocoKnits Sweater Care Kit


Cocoknits Sweater Workshop